recommended settings to get best performance when using smartphones for web standalone

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  • Hi

    I trying to use the export web standalone in order to share with my team the model.

    I'm talking about a small 3d view of an apartment. a noraml 100-120 sqm apartment.

    I found that it very hard to navigate over that kind of 3d view and I wonder if there is any influence of setting about how smooth and light the model will be.

    how can I make the navigation and upload liter and easier?

    thanks in advance


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    Amir Aroesti , Web Standalones do not usually run too well on Smartphones at the moment yet. This is still something we're working on, but at the moment only PC's are officially supported. This means that there is also no real way to make them perform better, and even if, the navigation itself would probably not be very useable. In the end, this boils down to the fact that smartphones or tablets are simply not supported yet, even though they can be opened.

    For mobile devices, we generally usually recommend (stereo) panoramas instead.

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    Thanks Demain.

    when you say "something you are working on" that mean on new release of Enscape? (V3)

    ill take your recommendation of using panoramas.

    I'm afraid, 3.0 will not include that. We would have to use a different platform altogether instead of WebGL, or do a lot of rewriting. For 3.0 we currently have other plans in store. Keep in mind, that panoramas can also be used with a smartphone and a VR-adapter (I recommend using the stereo format then), for a more immersive experience which even the Web Standalone can't match. :)