IFC and texture

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  • Hello,

    I got probleme when i work on revit withe an IFC.

    When i export my job more the IFC, i lost all the texture present in the IFC modele.

    This is normal or can i do somthing?

    Aswell all my windows and door are close and

    I joint screen shot

    Thank you for your help

    Revit Modele :



  • Im struggling with the same. If You chose realistic view in Revit you will see that it is also Just grey there. For a reason or another, it seems like Revit dont manage to import the realistic texture that should follow the material with the IFC import.

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    Welcome you two to our forum Nicolas and Sindre ! :)

    I'm afraid, as has been mentioned above my reply if those .IFC elements are also not correctly displaying the Albedo colors (or materials in general) in the Revit renderings, then Enscape will not be able to display those faithfully, since that information is basically missing to us. In the end, it may worth simply re-applying some materials to the scene through Revit.