Cardboard VR - QR Code Issue with version 2.5?

  • Hello,

    Yesterday, our office upgraded from version 2.4 to 2.5. I have been having issues with the QR codes generated from version 2.5, and the QR codes generated from 2.4 run fine. The issue with the 2.5 QR codes is when I take a photo of the code, and click the link the rendering splits in to two screens on my phone but the images do not move when my phone moves, they are still.essay writer

    I have tested this with an iPhone 8 running Safari, and iPhone 8 Plus running safari and an iPad Pro running safari as well.

    I am going to render new 360 VR QR codes from a co-worker’s machine that did not upgrade to the latest version to see if this will solve my issue.

    Anyway, I just wanted to point that out to your team.

  • Thanks a lot for that information. Any chance that those panoramas still run like they should within Chrome, not just Safari? Otherwise, I suspect that Apple's iOS updates cut off the gyroscope support for those now older panoramas, which may not have the required signatures and such to be considered safe. If you are able to, please also kindly send us one of those problematic panoramas so that we can check this behavior out ourselves as well. Thanks!

    Also, may I ask why you are upgrading to 2.5 only, not 2.9? That would generally of course something we'd recommend, especially to re-export any panoramas which are not working as they should anymore.