Vulkan Error:vk:::waitFroFences:ErrorDevideLost at wait for fences

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  • Recently I have a lots of enscape rendering problem, my enscape version is 2.9 on skecthup 2020.

    I have no issue of rendering on my past used, only recently its keep hung on rendering .

    Renderer error are “ Enscape encountered error during rendering it is using your GPU from NVIDIA.

    Vulkan Error:vk:::waitFroFences:ErrorDevideLost at wait for fences.”

    I have try updated and uninstalled the latest graphic driver and enscape but problem still the same.

    I try low the render lower resolution and it can render but a few times it give the same error again.

    Please help to assist my problem ASAP.

  • huge resolution or too much high poly objects in the scene ?

    i had those crash screen quite alot i the past with 2.8 version , with 2.9 was reduced to the minimum

    from my experiences it can cause everything but even "bad" camera angle can cause a crash

    maybe just hit render button wisely and with low cadence /if you got to render more then 10 cameras/

    maybe its time to rework your scene .....check every asset in the scene

    or maybe just send your complete scene to the trusty person and ask him/her/ to render your scene with his /her/ hardware ....

  • Thanks Jan1 for tips.

    Before this happen ,I can render 5k file with a much bigger scene but now even the smaller scene it crushed .

    Now all my previously file can't even render 3k file and only 2k file with crushed after few scene render.

    My office system with GTX2080 super 8g card and the same files my colleague system can render without any problem.

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    I'm sorry to hear about that kim hong , in that case, it would be really helpful to receive a feedback report:…sing-the-feedback-button/

    For context, you can simply include the link to this thread in the submission form before sending us the report.

    Thank you in advance, that will be very helpful for troubleshooting the cause behind this.

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    Glad to hear that - and thanks for a bit more patience!

  • I am having the exact same issue.. Some times I can render a video and it crashes as the last minute. or in some case cant even open Enscape it crashes at the first hurdle get the loading page and then hangs.

    I have managed to Render the whole video during a daylight flythrough, but when I try a night scene it crashes.

  • Hi RickQ

    Welcome to our forum!

    In such cases please send in feedback via the Enscape Feedback Button so we have more information to help you with.

    Please also add a link to this forum thread in the description.

    Thanks in advance!

  • HI ,

    I have found that Enscape RTX settings and latest Nvidia graphic driver is the cause of the problem.

    If the RTX is off the problem wouldn't arise . Hoping the developers will solve the issue.

    HI @RickMarx

    All the information and log was given you.

    Thanks for your prompt reply.

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    Thank you! The log files will also be very helpful in finding out the exact cause behind your problem.

  • Ok i got a brand new laptop, amd 5800h rtx 3070 100tgp, and first thing i tried after updates, install sketchup and run a very graphic demanding render and it worked perfectly. Then after fiddling with the power plan for the laptop, I have created a new power plan, changed some settings to have lower performance if unplugged to save battery, and everything maxed on when plugged in. I updated the amd software that also included the raidon graphics update for the onboard graphics chip and other grpahical settings, ran sketchup and enscape again, same model, with power connected, and it ran out of juice, giving me the vulcan error when i exported the image at 5k.(I did try different resolutions, including lowering quality, where in some cases it worked, some not) I reverted back to before I loaded the amd update, and left my laptop on high performance power plan that came with windows and it worked perfectly again. Just a note, after the crash, i did check my nvidia settings and it was set to the dedicated gpu but that still gave the vulcan error. I recon the amd has its own power plan and extra settings that clashes with nvidia and windows power plans and puts out less juice to the card or work against the program. I feel its works this way, so I dont mess with it anymore^^)

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    Sorry Enscape - but when will this be fixed?

    This specific problem may not always be related to RTX being turned on, so please also kindly send us a Feedback Report so that we can let you know more exactly. Which graphics card is built into your system at the moment?

  • Hi, i tried to open a Enscape standalone on different workstations with this mentioned Nvidia error (theVulkan Error:vk:::waitFroFences:ErrorDevideLost at wait for fences the when try to opening a standalone). The nvidia driver is updated. For standalones i can not send a feedback, so here is the logentry:

    2023.08.18 08:39:49.530 +02:00 [10] | ERROR | Rendering error (CONTEXT_LOST): 'Vulkan Error: vk::Device::waitForFences: ErrorDeviceLost at wait for fences.' occured while at: '91,2782, 1,549522, -46,40738'
    2023.08.18 08:40:26.768 +02:00 [10] | INFO | Enscape exited with return code: 1

    And the entry in the eventlog:


    Frameworkversion: v4.0.30319

    Beschreibung: Der Prozess wurde aufgrund einer unbehandelten Ausnahme beendet.

    Ausnahmeinformationen: System.AccessViolationException

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    Thank you for the report.

    As you might've already seen one of my colleagues has already just responded to you via the case you've submitted to our technical support as well. :)

    Please be so kind as to follow the instructions provided and we'll be able to assist you further. I appreciate it and thanks a lot in advance once more for your cooperation.