Colour of wine in bottle goes clear when seen through glass

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  • Hi Everyone,

    Hopefully someone has had this happen and has a nice quick fix. Issue I am having is that I have made a wine dispenser, the wine bottles are behind a glass screen. The white wine bottles have inside them a liquid the colour of white wine. However when in enscape the white wine bottles now appear clear, like the liquid doesn't exist.....

    See images with the glass hidden and in place and you will see the difference, anyone have any quick ideas that don't involve me having to model a new wine bottle?

    • Official Post

    I'm afraid henrybenchmark , when multiple transparent surfaces are rendered in front of each other, things like the tint color for that transparency behind the first sheet of glass (or a transparent material) will be lost due to technical limitations - in this case, I'd recommend not making the liquid inside the wine bottle transparent for example, and rather just colored.