Is it possible to "turn on the lights" with Enscape assets in Sketchup?

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  • Hi! I'm a big fan of Enscape assets. I appreciate the fact that you have made assets of a lot of FF&E products I want to specify in a project. It saves me soooo much time. Thank you!

    But there is one thing I would love to see happen with the lighting assets. They look really great, but I need them to look like they are illuminated in order to really get the effect right. Is there a way to make the lights look like they are illuminated, and I'm just missing it? Take a look at the attached WIP rendering I am working on. There are two little surface mounted lights that I modeled and textured. I used a self illuminating material to give the lights the effect of being on. I also am using Enscape lighting objects to create all of the light in the room. But the Flos Aim pendant over the conference table is an asset, and I am not able to make it look like it is turned on. I would like it to have the same illumination effect like the two surface mounts.

    Any idea how I can do this? The asset is just a white cloud in my model, so I cant really model in a disc lens. If this is not possible, I'd like to make this a feature request for lighting assets.



  • Hi davidhard

    thanks for your review. I am really glad that you like them.

    The only way to light up these light fixtures at the moment is the combination of our Enscape Assets and Enscape Objects as light emitters.
    I am going to forward your request for Assets with variations (in that case lit up / combined with light parameters)

    Best Regards


  • Good point... and since some of the light objects are used to "shed light" on areas where, for example, skylights let light through from outside to an indoor area, I used a line light object... but the problem with the light being on all the time is that when you switch from the time of day to night... the added light stays on and it is difficult to create a smooth time-lapse video showing a smooth transition between daytime and night time...

    An "inverse" light option to slowly darken some Enscape "light" objects in sync with the time of day would be awesome.

    So, a complimentary light object that is fully on at brightest time of day can be completely darken when it is night time (dark).

    Or said a different way, Enscape Light with the option to sync with sunlight/daylight = Sun up then that Light is ON at set brightness, sun goes down a bit, Light dims a bit, then sunlight off/night time the Enscape Light Off... automatically.... unless I miss that option in the settings??