Creating rippled light effect on wall as if light bouncing off water.

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  • I am wondering if anyone has any ideas for creating a lighting effect similar to the attached images.

    I have tried using a greyscale pattern as the albedo then adding a colour to it in Enscape. I'm just wondering if there may be an easy way that I am not seeing.

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    Slugore , at the moment there is no easy quick native way to achieve these caustic effects without workarounds (or unwanted side effects) - it's a feature request on our agenda though and I'm forwarding your upvote! Thanks for the feedback.

  • I thought I'd have a quick look

    The best effect I could manage was using a greyscale image (with lots of 0 black) and applying self-illumination to it

    Then fade out the albedo to 0 (effectively using it as an illumination map) and use the colour option as the colour of your "surface"

    If it's a non-saturated colour or even a light blue you might be able to get away with it

    You can even do it with a video (if you do some tweaking in a video editor first to get it very contrast)

    Of course, it's kind of a bit like a projector, in that you will still get light emitting where you don't want it, but It might be possible to use this technique in an artistic fashion.

    Obviously, you can't have anything beyond a plain colour underneath, which is the biggest limitation.

    Light blue colour

    as a video texture

    enscape video water test - YouTube