Rendering issue on large model

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    alex1986 , welcome to our Forum!

    Even for a project that size the FPS should better - can you kindly send us a feedback report as described here? Please include a link to this thread for reference in the submission form.

    Also, in the meantime, you can make use of section boxes to transfer only what you need for the renderings into Enscape. Alongside, if you plan to produce renderings of the whole project, you may simply reduce it in size as a whole.

    Finally, after we have received your feedback we can check your machine and log files for a potential cause as to why you only get 5 FPS.

  • Hello Demian,
    Here are the link with model.…520820210216164021/7bc793

    If you can do something i will be happy.I tried for 3 mounths and still nothing


    So I downloaded the model and started tinkering with it. Man, it's kludgy (I'm running a Titan RTX, 128GBs of ram, and Ryzen 3900x), so you may need to go in and turn some of the buildings into Enscape linked models to get it to behave. You also need to periodically purge out your model in SketchUp (I recommend purge-all I cleaned out 193 un-used components and 30 materials.

    All that said, you might also want to try and go through and just do a little housekeeping in the model before exporting to Enscape because this thing is massive. You might also consider just pulling the whole thing into a fresh scene as an Esnscape linked model.

  • Although the objects look low poly I believe there are several thousands of polygons and Enscape do not like that. If you only want to make renders and not videos there are several ways to do that. The most simple, split the model.

    Chose the views (cameras) in SketchUp and split the model in several pieces (delete the objects from that file and save them in new files), then make a render, if you need more parts of the site showed in the that particular render, simply get the rest of the model from the new files (paste in place) and make a new render, then compose the final render in Photoshop.

    Same for the hole model (site), split, make a render, piece by piece and put them together in Photoshop.

    Realistic aerial views in Ensape needs post-production, save as PNG, remove the background and add your own background.

    Hope it helps.

  • Downloaded the file, also have a rather beefy workstation though this file definitely brings SKP to a halt, didn't even dare to open Enscape. First of all when opening SKP already detected a myriad of problems w/ the geometry it tried to fix (and succeeded). Afterwards I checked the statistics, this is what we got:

    With that face and component count no wonder SKP/Enscape tends to be rather crashy. SKP is not made for high poly situations and tends to crash or become extremely slow when confronted with a workload of that magnitude. I strongly suggest applying the basic principles of using SKP in larger projects - splitting up the different buildings into different projects to tie them into the main project using proxies. Plugins like Enerorth Reference Manager will help you to achieve that. That way you can still apply the level of detail onto the individual buildings yet keep a somewhat "light" and usable main model.

    Continuing on your current path (all geometry in full level of detail in one project) will sooner or later render your project unusable, which would be a shame.

  • Just to remind you Alex, proxis will reduce significantly your project size but your problem is not the file size = 300mb, it is the amount of polygons/faces to render. Yes you can convert your high poly objects to low poly by using Transmurt or any other 3D object proxi converter for example, but the total amount of polygons will be the same when using proxis and launching them in Enscape, so Enscape will never render such amount of polygons/faces, unless you split the project.

    Divide/split your project in small files, chose them by streets, buildings, areas, etc. whatever you can easily import afterwords in the project you are working and trying to render.

  • So I've just been having a look at this alongside my day to day SketchUp tech support for the UK

    Now obviously it is a big model - trying to render this many edges comes with the performance hit you might expect. But, you have come this far already to have made it, so I guess you are already aware of that!

    Anyways, I ran a basic CleanUp 3 on it (which took a 3 minutes)

    SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation

    ^tip don't even try to use "remove duplicate faces" unless you have 3 weeks to spare.

    This cleared out some stuff but didn't really change how it behaved in SketchUp (as expected)

    I was expecting the worst, but I managed to render an image with no problem and even a video render seemed to go without a hitch.

    What is the specification of the machine you are running on?

    A private link to the video in case you are interested - your model looks really great :D
    Rome Enscape Test render - YouTube

    Also, here is the standalone executable, did you want to see if it works any better for you like this?

    for reference, I'm running SketchUp 2021., which I don't think you are - it has some changes to the SKP file format and overall increases stability (the file is 167mb when saved in 2021) so I'm not sure if that is an influencing factor

  • Hello Adam,

    My pc spec are Ryzen 7 3700X,GPU Geforce 2070 Super.

    This is another model and works fine ,more than 50 FPS.Is smaller than the previous one but if you start the model in a correct way, there are some chances to finish it.

    I just want to explore those models and i don't know how.How can i make an application with all those models,just to walkthrough?


  • hmmm...So you have a very capable machine!

    Did you try the standalone file?

    Sorry, I didn't attach it! Just uploading again

    here it is

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    The most interesting thing is in fly mode work perfect.

    Only in normal mode i have FPS problem.

    It cannot hurt to also receive a feedback report from your machine - just to make sure this isn't caused by any problems which we could identify in your log files. Thank you, and please kindly include a link to this thread in the submission form before hitting send, so that we as the support team have a reference. :)