Overall Color Coordination

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  • Hello All, I've seen this discussed before, but not sure I've seen good ways of approaching it yet. whenever I use Enscape from my SU model, the colors seem to just loose "something". I've played with the temp slider, brightness, exposure, etc. still cant seem to find the right settings to get it closer.

    I know that lots of things affect the color, sun lighting,, colors around influencing, etc., but feel like i should be able to get a little closer between these 2 images. Any thought to try?

    The Browns seem more red. There is good contract in SU image, but colors are too similar in palette on Enscape

    SketchUp 2021 + Enscape 2.9 (No Post-Processing)

    i9-10900k, RTX3090, 128G Ram

    Images rendered to 3840x2160

  • Don't use the (from a rendering/realism standpoint very limited) SKP viewport to try to judge your colors in a renderer, use it to make general adjustments (broad hue changes, orientation, size), then use the Enscape color/tint dialog to dial in somewhat realistic colors.

  • I'm not sure if you have Shadows Turned on in the SKP version, but you could certainly try enabling those and then playing with the brightness/darkness of the lighting to try and create a better match for contrast.

    But as MatthiasL said, they use very different methods of rendering and colour rendition will be different as a result

    Adam Fairclough

    Customer Success Manager

    SketchUp UK / Elmtec UK

  • As has been mentioned now above already, please make use of the Enscape Material Editor especially to tweak your colors of the materials however you like. While live updates are enabled you will also see the changes instantly. The SketchUp viewport will indeed not really be that close to Enscape visually because of complex lighting completely lacking (global illumination, sun/sky light) etc. which all changes the appearance of colors/materials in general.