Keywords stop functioning

  • Adam.Fairclough , thanks a lot for your report. :) Pardon if I'm missing something but, of course when you remove the keyword from a SketchUp material in question the keyword will not have any lasting effect anymore. This is why we can also recommend simply setting up your material type of choice through the Material Editor directly instead rather than using keywords. Kindly let me know if I'm misunderstanding something!

  • So this was a byproduct from my preparation for some training, I'd always use the manual materials : however

    Let's say I have a material

    "Material 00"

    I put the word ceramic at the end

    Material 001 Ceramic

    Roughness changes as you'd expect

    I change it to Material 001

    It changes back

    I change it to ceramic again , or another material

    Material 001 Marble

    Changes to 20% roughness

    then change it back

    Material 001

    It goes back to default

    Then I change it to Material 001 Metal

    Nothing happens.

    Material 001 Ceramic

    Nothing Happens

    Material 001 Glass

    Nothing Happens

    I have shortened this sequence, I'm not sure how many times I need to I need to do the renaming, but it was something that I came across on multiple occasions.

    I hope that makes it clearer (and not many people will cause this) :)

  • Thanks for the explanation, I'll try to reproduce this problem and let you know if I need any further info from you. :)