Various Enscape materials getting reassigned to a single material unexpectedly

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  • I've got a Rhino file that I'm working on in collaboration with someone else off-site. This is a couple-years-old Rhino model, probably started out in Rhino 5 when I was using Maxwell render. About a year ago I started using Enscape with this file and have done half a dozen rounds of renderings, several months apart, with no trouble.

    Yesterday, I open the old file and was making some updates, at some point I look at the materials assigned to the Layers and realize that most of them are set to the same exact material. Importantly, I'm not sure whether my colleague had made any substantial changes to the file before I opened it.

    Not having any real idea what might be wrong, I opened up an older copy of the file that had the correct materials and used that as a guide to re-assign the correct materials to the layers in my current file. Made my changes, sent it off to colleague, who made some changes and sent it back to me.

    Open the file this morning: most of the layer materials have switched again to a single material.... talk to my colleague: "Uh... did you do anything with the materials?" "No." I'm puzzled. Maybe befuddled as well?

    One thing I notice is that the single material it reassigns to is the same "Glass enscape", but with an incrementing number: (1) or (2) after the name, i.e.: "Glass enscape (1)".

    Couple of screenshots of the Layer panel attached, one from yesterday's file and one from today. I've sent a log file as well, through the Feedback window.

  • One other thing: the "Glass enscape" and "Glass enscape (2)" materials, when I click on them, the Layer Material dialogue box shows them as Type "Custom", no idea why, was definitely Type "Enscape" yesterday. Actually, just noticing that the name in the Layer palette says "Glass enscape", when I click on it to get the Layer Material dialogue it shows as "Glass enscape (2)".