Enscape 3.0 Released

  • Thanks a lot for your feedback. For now, there are no plans to put the restricted mode back in but you can be assured that this will be discussed again with our developers, especially if the demand for it rises with time.

    Wee need the restricted mode to work properly as it was before. Now the license conditions has been changed without any previous notice. Please turn it on again.

  • Agree with others about the old view list setup. We have a large new healthcare facility with multiple users, linked files, worksets, entourage, etc. We were using one view as kind of our "launch" view for enscape that had all the correct settings and filters applied, items hidden, etc. And then we would navigate to our view list from the view selector. We could setup a view template from the original launch view and apply that to all our new views. But again, wouldn't want to take the time to reload the geometry every time. At first, I thought that it may even be setup to let you "disable live" and then still be able to use the preset views without reloading. But I learned that was not the case either. I know there are a lot of pros and cons either way, but would really love to see some version of this capability come back if possible. I will be recommending we hold our firms upgrade at 2.9 for large projects like this, at least for our current workflow. But maybe we can test on smaller projects to look for other benefits with that method. Many of the other improvements are great, so keep up the good work! And thanks for continuing to forge ahead!

  • Agree with DsimpMPS with that workflow on large projects - we are utilizing that method and this new system makes that process too time consuming. Every switch of the view location includes 5 minutes or more of reloading, which negates the purpose of real-time rendering.

  • Also agree with DsimpMPS. Our workflow is the same. One Revit view is used as a master view to set up visibility settings and export to Enscape from there views are set up to store camera location and time of day settings only. Having each view reload geometry makes managing large projects very time consuming. We will keep using 2.9 until there is a simpler workflow. I also really appreciated the fly out view selection menu rather than having to click a menu open (that takes up much more screen area) to select a view and then click it closed. Enscape is a great asset to our presentations, hopefully there is a fix for next release.

  • Please make the restricted mode available again! We use it a lot when testing different materials and setting up views when the license is in use on another workstation (floating license, small office).

    We are also experiencing the all black Web Standalone exports. Until version 3.0 we were very satisfied with all the possibilities that Enscape gives us, but since 3.0... :(.

  • I am having major issues. Anyone else? Our web exports are dark/black and my clients can longer view the web exports. The render to document doesn't work either.

    Please check out this thread here:

    Dark/Black Web Standalones workaround/temporary fix

    Thank you everyone else especially for the feedback when it comes to the new view system and how we load geometry, and for sharing your thoughts about the removal of Enscape's restricted mode.

  • I'm absolutely aware of the amount of additions and workflow optimization the Enscape Team has implemented, and I'm absolutely grateful for this wonderful piece of software which never ceases to amaze me for quality and speed of the output.

    Lots of requests I'm recently seeing here on the forum sound to me like "adjustments": things that don't work as expected, or that worked better in previous versions. But basically things that can more or less easily fixed.

    I must say that at the moment the big big drawbacks Enscape has are:

    1. Difficulties on rendering complex reflections

    2. Difficulties on glasses (shadows, primarily), and transparent/translucent mats in general.

    These two topics are in my opinion actually to implement heavily, since there are ways to approximate the desired effects (or workarounds) but are too long to manage in large projects.

    Personally, I have the need to hear from the developers that they are aware of the issues and they are at least planning to face the fact that their software is mature enough to take these rendering features seriously and not like sort of minor functionalities to deal with on the spot.

  • We don't need the new interface or workflow changing . We need animation and complex material , when will you provide velvet and translucent mats ???? I have been waiting them so long.... 2 years ago , you told you will develop them in near future , but these are mere words , so disappointed !!!

    Hello! How is it possible in the plugin for VISUALIZATION, do not improve the materials, the quality of the render and do not introduce the possibility of animation, this is HOW ????? And spend time redrawing the logo and interface (((In my opinion, this is disrespectful towards users !!!!!

  • Hello! How is it possible in the plugin for VISUALIZATION, do not improve the materials, the quality of the render and do not introduce the possibility of animation, this is HOW ????? And spend time redrawing the logo and interface (((In my opinion, this is disrespectful towards users !!!!!

    Hello! We are constantly working on improvements of image quality, stability, performance and application usability. We are aware of the demand on better reflections, animation and other long awaited features. But some things just can't be easily implemented in a short period of time, no matter how much we want it - sometimes a big amount of work on the infrastructure is needed to make future improvements and new features possible. Moreover, we have more than one development team each focusing on different parts of the product - rendering engine programmers are not implementing UI or CAD integration. So be sure that we are not sitting without doing anything while other teams are working hard and other departments are doing rebranding ;)

  • Вы самая крутая команда, которую можно увидеть в продукте Enscape, благодаря вашей программе мы работаем в творческом направлении спасибо спасибо


    You are the coolest team that can be seen in the Enscape product, thanks to your program we are working in a creative direction thanks thank you

  • If it's not too much trouble, add back limited mode, for what reason wouldn't we be able to utilize it any longer ?

    You can read more about the reasons for it here. While I'll gladly forward your feedback, a restricted mode will most likely not be added again anytime soon.

  • Hi All - Today I started with Enscape 3.0 ;) So of course a lot of new stuff to learn or discover.
    Of course, as anyone else here, I used fine-tuned and adjusted materials within Enscape 2.9. But why are all these adjustments lost in 3.0?
    I'm talking about linked textures for the bumb channel or reflections channel. This would mean that I would have to work through all the materials of all the models to be edited again. I am sure and hope I have overlooked something?

  • I asked this back in early March, but I never got an answer

    Can two people work on the same file if one is using 2.9 and the other is in 3,0?

    We've got about a dozen people using Enscape, so I'm concerned about getting everyone updated at the same time.

    Using in both Sketchup and Revit