Enscape 3.0 - "Asset download error" every time I try to do offline assets. Worked fine in 2.9

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  • Redownloading my library for the 3.0 assets (I wish there was an option to auto-update instead of having to redownload everything!)

    However, I can never get past 75% of the library downloaded. Every time I get an "Asset download error", claiming either internet connection or troubles with read-only. First time I just tried downloading into my old directory which worked fine in past versions. This failed. So then I deleted everything and started over in a fresh directory, but I get the same exact error. I can't download my assets offline, at all. What gives?

    I'm not having internet troubles. No issues with sustained downloads for anything else. I know it isn't on my end. Enscape itself fails at the exact same part in the download, about 75% of the way there.

  • Some of the assets are showing a Loading Failed message in red from the online browser. I think these are stopping the offline download process.

    +1 for the Auto-Update option to only add new or edited content instead of the entire (huge) library

  • I've noticed the partially downloaded library still works in the browser + in revit if I check the "offline assets" button but then click the "use existing" button. But problem with this is that none of these assets work + actually load in enscape, possibly corrupted due to the incomplete download? Thankfully, unchecking "offline assets" and being forced to use the much-slower online only library fixes this.

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    skhayward , I'm very sorry for not replying earlier - do you still experience this problem even with our latest release 3.1 now? Can you also let me know where you're located and also please send in a feedback report with your logs? That would be great to further troubleshoot the cause behind it. Same to you nguyentai1503 , eeblack a Feedback report would be great if it still persists.

    For context, please include a link to this thread in the submission form too:

    Thank you both very much.