Walkthrough stuttering Issues 3.0

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  • Stuttering happens when you rotate a camera around to fast. For this there is a motion blur. Best codecs can mitigate it but to avoid it completely do not turn you head, only zoom in or out, or roll back/forth without moving a camera target. It occurs even with a real-world camera.

  • I can confirm the issue as well. UltraHD resolution and 120 fps causes stuttering when playing back on WMP. It did not do this a couple of months ago. It is not a hardware issue as I have a fast computer and graphic card, fast network, etc. The video plays fine in VLC player. It may be a recent Windows update, or it may not be, but it IS a problem. Clients aren't always technically sophisticated and forcing them to install other players such as VLC may be tougher if their IT departments are restrictive.

  • I'm having issues with doing a live walkthrough on enscape while I'm sharing my screen on either Microsoft Team or Zoom. A lot of shuttering.

    Yeah... that is dependent on several variables:

    • PC Specs
    • Bandwidth up/down to the internet
    • resolution
    • Zoom/Teams settings

    Have the same issues with a Xeon workstation with 32GB ram ... it is what it is with Zoom/Teams... but you can try enabling high quality settings for video and bandwidth and see what happens if you haven't already...

    EDIT: Also depends on the PC/device specs, resolution, bandwidth, on the other end...

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    Just to briefly also add what our developers stated ( ASxJ2099:(

    "looking at the code we seem to mostly trust the FFmpeg library to set up everything correctly in that regard. FFmpeg/LibAv seems to write the CodecID "isom/iso2/avc1/mp41" by default for mpeg4 encoded video streams.

    It could well be that certain players don't read that codec id correctly and then have issues in decoding performance, it doesn't appear to be setup incorrect in general but We will have another look at this"

    So summed up, we'll check it out once more. In the meantime, we still recommend acquiring codec packs and/or using VLC.