ENS version 3.0 _ Visual Settings - Custom Presets

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  • In ENS 3.0 Where do I save Visual Settings presets.. How Can I Load them (though no issue if I can not save first). In View Management I can link to Custom Preset but To what I am linking if I didn't name any.. Is it always linking to current settings? Will it remember what I linked if I change something in Visual Settings. I Could not find this in Preview version I can not find it in official release. (I wrote about it on Forum, this was the reason I stopped using last Preview )

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    OK I have Found that little tiny orange "<" on the left side of Visual Settings window which expands the window and there You can save the presets.. (Left edge of window, half its height).

    Exactly. If you wish to share any feedback with us regarding this change let me know of course. :)