Area Lights in Vectorworks are not shown in Enscape

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  • hi,

    seems like that both linear and area light are not fully implemented yet.

    Although I believe that, as far as I know Vectorworks INC. this is a problem by Vectorworks itself.

    So that data from the Vectorworks API is not being transported to the Enscape Engine completely/correctly.

    Furthermore, i fear that cuz Vec inc. is often releasing features half build, completing them pretty slowly, this will take for sure a while to work like in SketchUp :(.

    your case worked for me .... but it seems still buggy (example attached)

    Here some other stuff i noticed already:
    Linear Light is not working if there are:

    + More than 2 corners

    + round corners

    + Start and Endpoint longer than around 4 meters apart

    the Lumen Entry in Vectorworks is not getting transported to Enscape.

    --> use Brightness Entry instead(in German Dimmer oder Helligkeit)

    Problem Linear Light see here:

    Linear Light Inside Symbol dont work

  • Hello

    With the example you are showing in the original file, VW and Enscape render these types of lights slightly different. If the object is a surface that was converted to an area light it will only emit light from 1 side. This side is typically the side that is facing down originally. Try rotating the surface 180 degrees and see if that helps. Also make sure that the render geometry checkbox is checked. If you converted an extruded surface to an area light it will emit from all sides.

    A different option for unique effects is to outline the surface with a line and convert the lines to a line light. This will create a glowing edge effect.

    If you use both the area light and the line lights together you can make the outside glow 1 color and the inside a different color.

    Lastly the surface material that the light is projecting onto will react differently depending on your material settings.

    Keep in mind the more lights you add into a project the more strain it will put on a GPU.