A few issues from a couple of days ago: scaling of assets( now fixed) and API webview link not working properly since wednesday

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  • Hi There.

    Ive had similar issues with the scaling of assests and have followed the guidance below that seems to have fixed the scaling however the other issue hasnt changed. The webview link has stopped working, it was fine on monday but since wednesday it is all dark. the models seem to be illuminated from inside but the whole model is in pitch darkness. When I zoom in the model just goes all dark/black.

    I thought it was a license issue as it ran out on the 3rd but has since been renewed. However I click on web view creation link to see if it was the license issue but it again is all black

    help would be appreciated.

    Like I said evreything was working normally on monday...get to wednesday , scaling and api link problems

    thanks William

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    wiliam B , thanks a lot for your report, I'm very sorry to hear about these problems.

    Kindly allow me to ask if it is possible for you to send me a link to one of these problematic standalones? Then we can furthermore gladly look into this problem in closer detail - if the file is confidential, then simply send me the information via a DM.