Video Editor 3.0 - can't change duration?

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  • I often leave the last frame stay longer without moving the camera. This is nice, especially with the wind setting for trees. Before 3.0, I was able to add a key frame at the same camera location and make the frame longer. However, it's not working in 3.0. I added a keyframe at the same spot as the 2nd keyframe. Made the duration longer to 20 sec, but the last frame is still at 6 sec. I also tried doing a similar thing but with the camera location slightly moved from the 2nd keyframe. That didn't work, either. Even if the 2nd keyframe is "time stamped," it still doesn't make the last frame longer.

  • Also, there's still no way to select multiple keyframes? to delete or move more than one frame? or am I missing something hidden in the new UI? I can see the diamond keyframe in the bar, but I couldn't figure out how to select multiple keyframes to delete or move.

  • I tried with different paths. All I'm trying is a very simple path. Move the camera forward and keep it at the same spot for a while.

    It will need three keyframes. I "time stamp"ed the 2nd keyframe, then make the total duration longer. However, it doesn't work. I can't separate the 2nd keyframe and the last one in time, meaning the 2nd keyframe doesn't stay at the time stamped spot. It will go slower as the total duration gets longer.

    It worked perfectly before 3.0. I read through the knowledge base and watched the tutorial video. I don't think I'm missing anything, but it doesn't behave as expected.

  • I hear you on the new video editor. I do feel it is a step down from the old one, even though the UX might be clearer.

    Yes I had the same problems with the last frame staying longer but managed in the end somehow with extra frames before the end.

    The addition of keyframes between two existing keyframes needs improving, when 2 frames are close to each other there is not space enough for the plus sign. Or did a miss a timeline zoom?

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    Thank you for all the feedback - a workaround for this L.S while your feedback has been forwarded is to not have any inter lapping keyframes at all. This means, simply move the camera ever so slightly and then create the further frame - then the timestamp function should not be automatically deactivated in one of the frames. I reckon this is what is happening on your machine, correct? Also, please bear in mind that the duration itself only adjusts the duration of the whole video, not the final frame.

    I also understand that this may be confusing - I'll talk with the product management team.

    The other feedback, like the ability to zoom into the timeline (thank you LEGOsketcher) and especially the ability to drag keyframes, select multiple etc. has been forwarded. I fully agree that being able to move the frames freely would be rather helpful, so it should just be a matter of time until implementation as this is always an ongoing discussion and not a forgotten topic.