Video Editor Requests

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  • First, I appreciate the efforts put into streamlining the UI. The new layout is an improvement. I do have a few items to throw out, however.

    I have a request to bring back a previous feature, which is the ability to mouse-click and drag the timestamp and the time of day settings. This could be implemented in parallel with the current (new) way of input. The ability to click and drag was just so simple and easy.

    A new feature request to have a vertical position indicator in the keyframe editor timeline. This would help keep track of what keyframes are where in the timeline.

    A new feature request to be able to adjust the keyframe timestamp by click-dragging in the editor timeline. This would allow for *much* faster adjustment of time critical keyframes.

    A new feature request to be able to pause preview playback. Or am I missing something and this is already in place?


  • I had the same thoughts as well when I first tried out the Enscape preview versions. The editor looks like it should be able to be manipulated like any other NLE, but unfortunately it does not have that functionality. I do hope the developers consider building on this new look and making it functional, not just keeping it a visual representation of the timeline.

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    Thank you all for the feedback - the ability to simply drag and drop keyframes is still something we are working on. I have gathered the rest of the feedback as well and forwarded it accordingly.

  • Thank you all for the feedback - the ability to simply drag and drop keyframes is still something we are working on. I have gathered the rest of the feedback as well and forwarded it accordingly.

    That's great to hear.

    Another feature that I really would like to see (if it's not there already and I have missed it) is the ability to add a keyframe in the middle of the timeline and push all keyframes after that point forward in time keeping it's relative time spacing between existing key frames. Now it squeezes them together based on the global overall time of the video and on what specific times are set for each key frame, and that usually ruins the whole spacing of keyframes.
    I don't care at all what the overall time of my video is, all I care about is the timing of each key frame relative to the one before and the one coming after. I suggest you skip the constraint of each keyframe to a specific time in the video and instead constrain them to the key frame before and after. That way the individual frames keep their spacing even if I insert a new frame anywhere on the timeline, pushing the existing ones down the line and increasing the overall time of the video.

    Hope I explained it in an understandable way.

    Great app except for the things mentioned above.

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