Videoeditor unintuitiv

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  • Hi am i the only one who doesnt understand the videoeditor realy?

    I workd with 3ds max, Blender, Afereffects, Davinci Resolve, Maya

    there everywhere the animationconcept used to move cameras is very easy. But this concept here seems to be so much oversimplified, i dont get it.

    Where in time in the animation am i ? Where do the keyframes get produced?

    So what i would expect. a simple timeline that can be zoomed and paned. a Slider to indicate my point in time. option to slide my slider on the timeline and to movve to that moment in the sceene accordingly. option to move to that time my cam to produce at that time automaticaly my keyframe.. after this option to slide the keyframe on the timeline to change the timing..

    here i just dont know what happens, and where i am.. and why at which time a keyframe gets produced.

    i think the wish to make it better as in dozens of other animation processes did kill the intuitivity in this case.. so does there exist any real tutorial on this? in the encape section i only see very fast mini videos, i cant follow ;(

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    tschuelke , we're currently paying close attention to all the feedback we receive for 3.0 - thank you so much for the valuable thoughts, I've forwarded everything accordingly.

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    Well i fee quit sorry, this feedback for the videoeditor wasnt very gentle, but the rest of the program is very very good.

    That is okay we're always open to feedback and you are not the first to request those functionalities!