Flashing entire model in VR

  • Revit

    When in VR the entire model flashes on and off and never settles. this is not the same as two materials being on top of eachother. the entire model is unusable when in vr. If i turn off VR, everything is fine in the window. I am not really sure what is happening.

    I have video but it is restricted from uploading. see the link below.


    HTC Vive - fully updated steam client & Steam VR. no beta opt-in

    Windows 10

    GTX 1080 driver version 398.11

    32GB DDR4


  • feedback sent with the log info.

    used a sample project and have the same results. i went back and installed some gpu drivers from march and it also has had no change. its possible its a vive driver, but i havent figured out how to roll those back to an older version yet to test.