Transferring Materials from a Server to a Local Laptop

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  • I need to be able to take all of the Revit material texture images from a remote server and transfer them all onto a laptop so that I can have a VR walkthrough. I will be unable to access the server where all of the material texture images are when I leave my office to make the presentation. Has anyone run into this before and found a quick work around? Manually copying all materials from the server and then manually relinking each texture image to the new location on the laptop will take too much time. Detaching the Revit file and saving it to the laptop doesn't solve the problem as the texture images are still trying to link in from our central model. Any advice would be greatly appreciated-sorry if this has been mentioned before-I could not find a similar post.

  • This is not a proper workflow for custom textures. There is no need to individually map material location for each material.

    - Put your custom project textures and a custom project folder at the top level (no subfolders)

    - Create an additional render path in Revit and mapped to that folder

    - If you need to share or access materials from a central location use a cloud-based service such as Dropbox, etc

    - Then map and additional render path to the local copy of your dropbox or cloud-based folder containing custom materials