Transparancy material id

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  • When rendering an image, you can opt to also render the material-id and object-id. When you do this, glas and other transparant materials are not calculated in these images

    (they are in the actual picture, just not in the object and material-id's)

    Would there be an update where there's an option to either include or exlude transparent materials in the object/material id? This problem can be solved by temporarily turning of the transparancy of your material, but that's rather annoying when you need to redo the settings for your glas.

    Also, are we looking at improvements for the extra output images? More layers of information like transparancy, lights, texture, bump materials, metalic, ... would be VERY handy. Kinda like Vray, but in a better coat. Probably also under an option do enable or disable.


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    That's a demanded feature request on our agenda, generally the ability to export more layers alongside the ones which are currently possible - I've forwarded your upvote accordingly! And also, a warm welcome to our Forum. :)