Enscape 3.0 - controls freezing/greying in video mode

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  • Hi,

    Just a general bug update - when running the video editor, I'm often finding that when I press play, all other controls are greyed out, eg the stop button so I can't then stop the track playing, choose another keyframe etc. I have to let the video run to the end which usually returns control, but sometimes all controls remain greyed out so there is no option but to restart Enscape.


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    BarryFishFinger , I'm sorry to hear about this!

    Since you are the first to report this, at least in the forum, please kindly send in a feedback report then:

    For context, you can simply include the link to this thread in the submission form before sending us the report.

    Thank you in advance, that will be very helpful for troubleshooting the cause behind this.