Panorama Quality

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  • Enscape team,

    Good day! We're demoing InsiteVR today and I find myself using the Panorama output in Enscape for the first time. I'm using a high quality output, but that doesn't seem like high enough quality to be worthwhile. I've attached a series of comparison images. Even at high quality the Panorama doesn't look great compared to InsiteVR, but when you compare the standard image output side by side, Enscape is the very clear winner. We love Enscape and use it for our standard image output, but we can't incorporate Enscape 360 panoramas in our VR demos at the moment. Is this a setting I'm overlooking, an issue with InsiteVR or just a current limitation of panorama quality? Perhaps VR180 is an option, maintaining the same resolution, so we are effectively doubling the clarity?

    Render Comparison - Panorama vs regular image

    Anyways, I love the new updates. Complex models load a lot faster and the lighting improvements are awesome. Still need to work with the new materials editor, but thank you as always for the awesomeness that is Enscape.

    Thank you,

    Aaron Marr

  • There are two reasons to explain what you observe.

    1. Your exposure is too high. Enscape does simulate a virtual camera that uses auto exposure by default. You can change that in the general tab in the settings to manual, chose an exposure that you think looks good at the whole 360° panorama and hit export. For other products, this might be easier, because they rely on a cartoon-style without realistic shading.
    2. Your resolution might be too low. Try increasing it.

  • You should also decrease bloom. In the upcomimg version 2.3 its decreased a little by default. Was way too high so far.

  • Thomas,

    Awesome, thank you for the feedback. For anyone having this issue with InsiteVR the issue is that the 3D effect causes blurriness on the desktop view. This is a beautiful and clear 360 panorama in the headset.


    InsiteVR - desktop view quality is no indication of quality while wearing the headset. Uploaded Panorama images look great while wearing the headset. Thanks all!

    Best regards,

    Aaron Marr