Sketchup crashing

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  • Hi

    New to Enscape - have uploaded Enscape, but every time I try to open it in SU, it immediately crashes - the loading bar only gets to around 8%. Any ideas about why? Possibly an error in the background software I need to check?

    I can't open [View Details] on the pop up SU error report message as this freezes

    Thx for any assistance please 8)

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    Welcome to our Forum NickH ! :)

    I'm sorry to hear about that - please kindly send in a feedback report then:…sing-the-feedback-button/

    For context, you can simply include the link to this thread in the submission form before sending us the report.

    Thank you in advance, that will be very helpful for troubleshooting the cause behind this.

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    maybe will be good idea to fill profil with hardware you using and what kind of software u have

    maybe it can do for us enscape hardware inspector ? /forum feature idea /

    Most of the time the hardware is not even the issue (more than often outdated drivers are), nor the software used itself - it could be useful if someone has a lower-end graphics card and we could tell those users that their crashes may be caused by insufficient V-Ram, but overall we prefer receiving a dedicated feedback report with a ton more information to really troubleshoot the issue at hand.

    Sending in feedback is done in seconds and we prefer managing such rendering/crash problems via our ticket system anyway. The Forum is being used to help people with their technical problems of course, but it should also mostly be a place for ongoing discussions about certain features, etc. but not lengthy troubleshooting. At least not when it can be avoided. :)

  • I have just started to use v3.0 and have found things really tough going so far. Rendering times are 10x longer (in fact, most things seem to take a lot longer than previous releases). I have a very high spec machine and have found that even the most basic of scenes are crashing two or three times a day.

    Not many positives at this stage :(