View distance is changing light calculation (only wide angle lens works)

  • During testing new clipping plane feature of Rhino I run in the issue, that the view from far distance cause a wrong light calculation.

    shot from near distance and wide angle - anything is fine, like expected from the interior shots without clipping plane

    shot from far distance and normal lens length - light calculation is simplified and looks wrong

    I understand that the light calculation is simplified in far distance, but I hope it can be optimized so that this issue will not visible anymore. At the moment tele lens can't be used without to destroy the lighting.

    tele lens shot

  • Hi Micha, if your field of view is narrow (long focal distance) the camera distance to the project is greater compared to having a wide field of view, which in turn results in some simplified light calculations like you've mentioned. We're busy trying to find solutions for this, so thanks a lot for your feedback and patience!