Camera Target

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  • Let's add a camera target in future Enscape build? I have had some situations where I wish I could select an object in Enscape VP and make it a camera target. This would help reduce the guesswork we have currently with Enscape that sometime produces awkward or off-focus shots due to manual adjustment.
    See example: Made in 3Ds Max and simply moving the camera but its focus stays on the object.

    Possible solutions:

    Enscape Null Object

    • This Null object doesn't show up in exported renderings.
    • Can be placed in a model and be selected within the camera or dropdown.
    • Allows users to move around the scene while the camera's target remains in the same location.

    Object selections:

    • Within the Enscape VP select an object.
    • Assign as camera target.
    • Results same as above.

    • Official Post

    Thank you, great feedback. I have filed this as a feature request accordingly!