Carpet material

  • hi..discuss carpet materials in enscape 3.0

    It is not working is more like grass material than carpet...(grass for low vesion 2.8)...:(:(;(

    Is it possible to do the same ?..;(;(;(

  • Hey Thanh Chuong , at the moment the results attached below are not possible in Enscape - we're working on improving our carpet material further. In the meantime, to help with the areas where the carpet is not applied, you can use a separate plane, apply the same carpet material instead there, and put it slightly below the floor that only the carpet appears through but not the plane. I hope you get what I mean! If not, let me know and I'll attach an example.

    Also, the ability to have grass/carpet on vertical surfaces is also on our agenda filed as a feature request. I will forward all of your feedback accordingly.

  • +1 +1 +1

    Please update next a better carpet. Thank you.

    i just guess the empty edge is just prepared by developer for the rotate carpet like picture below (in every edge of carpet) but it is not yet implemented in this version :D i hope that ready in the next update.

  • In the picture above i saw a collision here sandal with carpet am i right? i dont know in the future update Enscape will have this. When we have a ball in the grass, so the grass will not grow above the ball right? :D

    Can we have a collision effect in Enscape? Demian Gutberlet it is usefull as an example when we have i plant in front of the wall and the leaf can be seen behind wall too. But if the Enscape have a collision i hope this leaf of the plant can cut automatically.