Different Filters in different views but in one Enscape Rendering

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  • Hello People

    So im fairly new to Enscape and VR. I tested programs and addons like Walkthrough 3D (Revitplugin, Unitiy based), Revit Live (Cloud) and now Enscape.

    Enscape runs the smoothest and looks by far the best. It can even handle the biggest models we have (100'000 elements+) pretty decent.

    Is there a way or a workaround, how i can get multiple views in Enscape but with different view filters (Revitcategories). For example i have an architectur Modell and then for example the same view but only with the HVAC technics. So that you can show different elements of the Building in one Enscape Rendering.

    Thanks for helping me


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    Hi David, welcome to Enscape, then!

    Yes, Enscape does support Revit view settings. So, one way to achieve what you're looking for would be:

    Create a 3D view featuring the perspective you're looking for (for this, click the [Create View] button in the Enscape ribbon)

    Next, duplicate that view in the Revit interface.

    Use the visibility settings in Revit to hide any elements from any view.

    You can now switch between those two views, using the Enscape View Selector, and the correct elements will be shown or hidden.

    You can also proceed just using one 3D view, just create a rendering before changing the visibility settings, and one after.

    You'll still have to combine those renderings in any image editing software however. To get both views in one Enscape view at the same time, you'd have to duplicate your model in Revit.

    Hope my answer was helpful. Let me know if there's any further questions.

  • Hello Kaj

    I tried you suggestion but i failed. We might not understood each other. I made a short video which you see what i mean.

    I will export 11 views into Enscape. 2 views are identical perspective but have different viewtemplates. The Result in Enscape is different from what is see in Revit.



    best regards