Video Editor Timestamp Adjusts Total Duration

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  • Enscape v3.0.0

    Revit 2021.1.2

    Adjusting the timestamp on keyframes toward the end of the timeline will force adjust the Total Duration instead of creating more or less space between the last keyframe and the previous keyframe. I expect the total duration to be fixed, per the Timeline Total Duration setting, and interior keyframes to move relative to the overall time.

    See attachments for an example of adjusting the timestamp on the second to final keyframe, and the final keyframe (total duration) adjusting on its own.

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    Due to a video editor adjustment, the 45th keyframe, in your case, will be responsible for the overall whole duration of the video too (besides the separate option above) - but in this case, if adjusting the 44th keyframe does also adjust the whole duration, then is there a chance you could briefly forward me your video path? I'm more than happy to check this problem out directly. Thanks!

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    I am happy to provide the video path, but cannot attach an XML file. The forums will not accept that attachment type. Please let me know how I can relay it to you.


    Thanks! You can just .zip the file accordingly. :) Afterward, you should be able to attach it.

  • I have experimented further and am sending a simplified path. This is a repeatable issue.

    Simple path with 8 keyframes.

    If I set the duration to 1:00 and then timestamp *any* keyframe, the duration changes.

    If I timestamp any other keyframe, the duration does not change.

    If I adjust the timestamp of *either* of the previous 2 keyframes, the duration changes.

    The duration should only change via the duration dialogue.

    Keyframes should adjusted within the duration, as set in the timeline. Changing a keyframe time should not change the duration.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thank you, that helps a lot! I'll investigate and forward this behavior accordingly for review.

  • Oh thank goodness, I'm not the only one who has this problem.

    Short video paths are almost impossible. Most of my video paths are between 2-8 keyframes. You have to have at least 5 keyframes with all of them timestamped to be able to change even the second keyframe without changing the duration of the clip. In some cases,

    Right now my workaround is if I want a desired length of time between a certain set of keyframes I have to make the clip way longer in duration than it has to be and then speed ramp the rest of the clip in Premiere.

    Timestamps are very broken for me.

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    Thank you for the further feedback - I have forwarded those behaviors accordingly and was able to reproduce them. Our product management team will have a closer look at that and we're going to look into some solutions as well.

  • I'm also having issues with the video editor. I often create videos only using 2-4 keyframes. In the old editor, I was able to change the overall length of the video (and the speed of movement) by adjusting the timestamp of the last keyframe. This now seems to be broken.

    The old way was essential to my workflow. I need to be able to control the overall length of the video only using two keyframes. Please take a look at this and resolve. Thanks!

    Edit: Sorry, just needed to maximize the window to see the additional options.

  • ....also, it is just me or do the video ease in and out as a default? I don't see any options to turn this off. I will now have to create even longer video exports to trim this away creating more work. Please restore the option to turn this off if possible. Thanks!

    edit: Sorry, I feel like a idiot. I had my enscape window in a small window. I saw the option when I maximized the window. Not sure if this is a bug or not, that you can't see all the options unless the window is maximized?

  • To further describe the issue, *sometimes* intermediate keyframes that have a timestamp *also* adjust when adjusting nearby keyframes with a timestamp. IE, if I have the starting keyframe, a second keyframe timestamped @ 12 seconds, an intermediate keyframe, and the fourth keyframe timestamped @ 20 seconds, if I adjust the timestamp on the fourth keyframe to 18 seconds, sometimes (not always) the second keyframe time will adjust itself to 11 seconds.

    This is not expected behavior. If a keyframe is timestamped it should *always* stay at that time unless the adjacent keyframe is timestamped and pushes it due to overlapping times.

  • Was this ever resolved? Seems like a simple fix considering this was something that worked and now doesn't. Manual timestamping is impossible and with the videos I am creating t he default looks terrible and client is not happy.