Laptop GPU recommendations for standalone .exe files in VR mode in ULTRA

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  • Hi,

    I'm looking for a new laptop to run Enscape .exe standalone files in VR mode in ULTRA quality without any problems. I need certainties before I spend so much money.

    The new Msi GE66 with 3070 (vram 8gb) would be enough powerful to run Enscape standaolone files like the standalone.exe of the big house designed with Revit in the Enscape free sample webpage? I tried this .exe with a Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus link in a Msi GS66 Stealth with 2070 Super (vram 8gb) and I found some unpleasant graphic problems in VR mode in High and Ultra that I tried to solve in many ways without success (Half Life Alyx in VR in Ultra runs well and smooth).

    Do you recommend a laptop with more vram to run such heavy standalone files in VR like a Msi GE66 with 3080 (vram 16gb)?

    Thank you.

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    ilg88 , welcome to our Forum!

    Ultra in Enscape VR can be quite demanding there is no doubt about that - take Half-Life Alyx for example and it's a lot "easier" (the developers of course still did a fantastic job) to really optimize such a game to perfection but, here with Enscape it really depends on the project and such and it's hard to compare the two since HL Alyx also uses a lot of prebaking for shadows, lighting, etc. which is all rendered in real-time in Enscape.

    So overall, if you have the chance I'd say go for a laptop with a 3080. If it would be a desktop machine, a 3070 would probably suffice, but laptop graphics cards are naturally slower than their desktop counterpart. :)