Visual Settings Preset tied to Time of Day

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  • Hi, I'm running 3.0 with Revit 21 and have been having trouble with settings presets. I love how easy it is to change solar angles within Enscape (Much easier than Revit lighting settings, but that's not saying much). I want to save different solar settings for different views by making a Visual Settings Preset for each (one for sunset, one for high noon, etc) then linking them to different views. However they keep all using the same time of day. Do the visual settings presets just ignore solar angles, or am I doing it wrong?

    In general I'm having a lot of trouble with visual settings presets being counterintuitive, unlike many other things in Enscape! They keep resetting themselves when anything gets changed, and I can't revert back to the "saved" setting. I see other threads about this on the forum, but no solutions yet.


  • Visual setting presets don't save the time of day. Enscape displays the time of day specified in Revit (as well as project location and orientation). You'll have to save the time of day in Revit. You can do this by saving the view at the desired time of day from Enscape back to Revit. You'll need to create a new view and read it for each desired time of day. Here's how:

  • Phil is right about the current solution, but I agree with benAHA that the UX could be a lot better here.

    I wish that the sun position/time of day/camera position were saved in the Enscape view by default, and that you could (optionally) link it to a view in the master application (Revit, Sketchup, ..). And then you can pick what exactly you want to link from that view (geometry, sun position, camera position, ...).

    That would give us a one click "save this exact shot" while not compromising existing workflows and functionality.