Pano2VR output HTML5 file display problem

  • Hi, After creating a Virtual Tour on Pano2VR Pro with various panoramas, I proceeded to generate the output of an HTML5. All good up this point, the software successfully generates this and once complete the VT automatically pops up in a tab on Chrome. Looks good!

    Now afterwards if I go into the output folder of the project and click on this same HTML5 file, the virtual tour that opens up in Chrome does not load. It sits there on a black screen stuck on "Loading...0%".

    Is there something I am missing? What could be blocking the VT from loading?


  • Hi Gui

    Welcome to our forum.

    As we don't have Pano2VR Pro I was only able to test this with a single Pano in the free version.

    After exporting this did indeed work, and when opening the html file I only got a black screen, not even the loading.

    Have you contacted Pano2VR about this however as this seems to be an issue with their software?

    Or is this only happening with our panorama's?