True isometric axonometry

  • Hi,

    This will be my first post over here. Is there any way of obtaining a true isometric axonometric view in Enscape? Not parallel projection, but isometric axonometric view. Whenever I go to Archicad in axonometry view and press on sync views, Enscape switches to Perspective view. I've tried creating Saved Views in ArchiCAD and Batch render them but Enscape simply refuses to process them - they don't show up in the Batch Render tab.

    Thank you very much!

  • Hey victor.pop.student , at the moment you can only pick Perspective, Two-Point and Orthographic via Enscape - due to technical reasons a view sync via ArchiCAD while the axonometric view mode is activated is not possible technically, for now at least. May I kindly ask why you are not, in this case, using the Orthographic mode provided by Enscape in the first place? Then I can forward that inquiry plus your feedback to our developers.

  • Hi Demian Gutberlet,
    I have the same problem with the isometric view.
    For us some time, we would like to set up a precise camera angle in the iso view for example this one:

    I can't find any way to set that up in Enscape rather than estimating the angle. And when we want to show a series of study fragments, it would come handy if we could set up the camera setting so every version is matching with views.
    Another remark is that the distance between the camera and the object while in isometric view in Enscape is always automatically too close.

    Hope that your developer team will have a solution for this soon.