Nvidia's Resizable BAR

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  • Hi,

    I was wondering, will Enscape benefit from the technology Nvidia's Resizable BAR in the future ?

    Here is the list of compatible CPUs :

    AMD Chipsets
    AMD 400 Series (on motherboards with AMD Zen 3 Ryzen 5xxx CPU support)
    AMD 500 Series
    AMD CPUs
    AMD Zen 3 CPUs Ryzen 3 5xxx Ryzen 5 5xxx Ryzen 7 5xxx Ryzen 9 5xxx
    Intel Chipsets
    Intel 10th Gen Z490 H470 B460 H410
    Intel 11th Gen S All 11th Gen chipsets available as of February 25th, 2021
    Intel CPUs
    Intel 10th Gen Intel 11th Gen S-Series
    i9-10xxx CPUs i9-11xxx CPUs
    i7-10xxx CPUs i7-11xxx CPUs
    i5-10xxx CPUs i5-11xxx CPUs
    i3-10xxx CPUs
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    TP3D , this is indeed something we may want to look into eventually. I have forwarded your inquiry accordingly - at the moment there is no further info I could share about this subject yet though.

  • For those interested

    Resizeable BAR is something that is controlled by NVIDIA (not by developers), but you can now force the Nvidia drivers to engage it for non whitelists apps.

    Here is how to enable REBAR on non whitelisted apps/games | Overclockers UK Forums

    Obviously, you need GPU and a motherboard that is compatible/updated for it and this hasn't been tested ,so it could potentially cause weirdness.