Presets - how to find them?

  • ok - some more preset questions:
    I can't find out how this preset system works. where can I find an exact and complete description of this process? In particular:

    1. I can't find the option to save done settings as a new preset (from an Enscape setting that has been made so far) and why can I not overwrite an existing preset with a more developed version? I actually first have to create a necessarily somehow wrongly named preset in Enscape in order to be able to rename and save it, using the right-click option hmmm

    2. where does Enscape 3 save it´s presets by default?
    3. why does deleting a within Enscape listed preset affect my current work session´s settings ?!?
    4. why does the deleting of any preset causes unwanted and so very annoying camera movements?!?
    5. next to your "Create Preset" button, why did you fail to add the most important of all workflow options: Save Current Settings as a new preset?

    Next to the potential and probable possibility that I simply don´t understand your so strange preset and view management ;) my impression after the 1st week 3.0: not well done! and still no sense of work processes...