• Hi All

    Ever since I started using Enscape with rhino about a year ago I have experiences crashed. It happens almost on all files - even small files.

    Most often when copying, moving and undoing.

    Could it have anything to do with the way I manage my 3D setting - customized to use my GeForce GTX 1080 Ti ?

    I have been in dialog with Enscape but they can help me. I hope someone out there has experienced the same and might have the answer?

    My specs:

    I am using Enscape 3.0 with Rhino 6.

    Windows 10

    Latest Nvidia Studio Driver

    GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

    Processor: Intel(R) Core i7-7700K CPU

    Thanks in advance.


  • I'm sorry to hear about that - so you are in contact with our Enscape support but they are not able to find out the cause behind your crashes? If so, please also send me your e-mail via a DM because I'd like to check that out for you. I would usually ask you to kindly send us a feedback report, but in that regard, you surely did already. Thank you in advance!

  • same problem here, I always noticed especially with big files that enscape made Rhino crashing. generally I solved it reducing the escape window. But now with 3.0 the crashes started reappearing quite randomly. not sure qhat could be the cause, where i can find the report log data?

  • just found the log option in the feedback button. I have just sent a message. thanks

    Perfect. Thanks! You'll hear back through our support-case channel via e-mail in no-time.