Crop Mark (Screenshot to file)

  • Any one who's ever used a camera, but not experienced the joy of full frame, will know the problem I'm about to explain, so hopefully this request gets some legs...

    Typically, when framing a view in Enscape I have the window maximised to my 1920x1080 screen to get as close to the aspect ratio of the desired output... but when exporting a screenshot to file - by default to 4K - the shot is reframed to accommodate the aspect ratio difference of 4096x2160 AND the window-viewer border.

    Compensating for this crop is proving quite a nuance, and rather unlike how (most) cameras work (where we'll get more in shot to crop ourselves in post - so I was wondering if we might get some degree of HUD-esque viewer overlay for shot taking crops?

    Or, failing that (as it's quite the ask) "just" a way to force-size the viewer window to the elected output, perhaps even by fixed zooms 50%, 25% etc (since my monitor isn't 4K) for view composition/framing.

  • I wouldn't need to see the different ratio regios, because most the client need one only. What do you think about to see a frame of the set output resolution ratio? That's what I missed very often is, never I know, what will be shown at the final image or animation output. So, a small flag option for the output settings would help a lot. Attached a screenshot like it works at the Rhino viewport.