batch render 3.0 crashing more frequently?

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  • First off I generally like the new version and the long awaited framing preview that makes creating the perfectly framed shot so much easier.

    Did anyone make the same observation, that batch rendering seems more unstable in 3.0 than in 2.9? I noticed that exporting individual scenes works, while batch render (especially scenes with different layer combination that need to get loaded) Sometimes it crashes also during manual render if moving to a scene with a separate layer combination. Only work around is to export each view manually and not in batch. This happened to a couple of older models so not connected to the SU model. (RTX 3000 mobile, 16BG RAM, win10, SU2021, Enscape 3.0)

    Some quick other feedback:

    - miss the separate batch render button which we use most often, submenu ok - but again an extra click

    - cumbersome process to mark views a favorites compared to 2.9. You have to go manually in each and every scene, change, save, exit, select next. Why can't I click on the stars in the view overview like before in 2.9? Would be so much faster to asjust favorites. Or why not have multiple favorites presets just like multiple visual presets? E.g. often weonly render option 1 ... then the views with option 2, perspectives vs plans etc etc.

    cheers, Thomas

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    LEGOsketcher , thank you very much for valuable feedback - I agree that we could still improve how views are being favorited now, and we're already looking into a solution for that. I've forwarded the rest of your feedback too.

    Furthermore, it would be great to receive a feedback report from your machine including your log files - you can include my name or a link to this thread in the submission form for reference.

    I suspect that you experience these problems because of the way we update views now, during the batch rendering process as well. The report could be rather helpful to figure out the exact problem though - thank you in advance!