Big interior area lighting

  • Good morning,

    what is the best solution to illuminate a large indoor area (50x50 meters) without using external sun lighting?

    How is it possible to create a global illumination to have a diffused lighting without overexposing areas?

    I use a virtual array of sphere enscape lights, is there another method?

    Thank you

  • Rick Marx

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  • I usually use a grid of the circle lights scaled to max dims. Then adjust the brightness of the lights as necessary. The problem with globe lights is they will cast light onto your ceiling and if you have any higher up structure or light fixtures, can cause unrealistic shadows. I also find the circle light grid to yield less hotspots too.

    If the grid and max brightness for some reason is still not giving you desired results, duplicate the grid. Balancing the artificial brightness slider and exposure slider can yield some improved results as well.