Rhino geometry STILL not updating

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  • I have updated to the latest version

    Rhino geometry is still not updating. I have pressed every update button there is in enscape. It seems to have gotten worse after the update.

    In the ealier version of enscape i managed to do a work around by deleting the geometry and undoing the deletion. After that the geometry was updated properly with textures and all. But now

    its almost useless. Nothing will update. No textures no light no nothing. Everybody at my office has this problem. Whats going on? :(

  • Rick Marx

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  • The entire model tree is still there, but no parts. Sometimes I saved that as a second KS file named "After Updating using the Plugin.bip". Note, in Checking the boxes does not make them appear though. I am having the same issue with Geometry loss after using the update feature in Rhino as well.

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  • Hi arensbach and VictorShaver

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    I was not able to reproduce this issue in our latest release.

    Can you make sure this is still happening in our 3.0.1 version, if so could you please send in a feedback report via the Enscape Feedback Button so we can better understand what might be causing this behavior.