En 2.9.1 video keyframe input

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  • first of all - I am having trouble with the update.

    My IT admin here keeps getting a missing dll message and not sure how to fix that.

    Second - I just learned Enscape. Really happy. Took a weekend to learn and it gives exactly the results I want.

    The keyframing input for the video path is really disrupting my workflow. There needs to be a way to input the timestamps in a simple list.

    Also the camera path (which is unseen and not directly editable) seems to interpolate and round off corners, meaning that sharp transitions from one scene to another are not achievable by simply pushing two key frames together.

    A more elegant solution might be to allow rendering of batches of paths between angles - or to have a toggle to choose whether or not to animate between scenes (i.e. allowing a snap from scene to scene)

    It might also be cool to just export SU's animation as a path.

    As I mentioned I can't update at present so I'm really hoping this was already solved. Apologies if the answer to all the above is to simply update. Also sorry if it sounds like I'm whining, I should mention again, really happy with the software in general. It's brilliant.

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    elliott.h , I really appreciate your feedback, thanks a lot. Everything you've written will be filed and forwarded to our product management team which will eventually go over this with our developers.

    So, furthermore, regarding the dll problem, please send me a screenshot of that error message. If it's the error message I'm expecting, then reinstalling SketchUp may already do the trick. But feel free to wait until I replied back after you shared the error with me of course.

    Also, I'm happy to hear that you're still satisfied with Enscape overall - be assured that we're working hard on making our product better with every release.