Request options to change materials of White and Polystyrol Styles

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  • So I was testing some rendering settings because the video playback using WMP was jumpy in animations that were rendered in UHD. During the conversations with the designer, he mentioned that he wished there were more conceptual options instead of everything looking 100% complete. I have already contributed to the Additional Linework Options thread for sketchy lines with extensions, heavy ends, etc.

    Then I remembered this tutorial by Phil Read to make a Revit model look like a physical model built from basswood. Simulated Basswood Model

    When I create the Phase, set the overrides, create the material and hit render, I see the Revit content rendered as though it was made out of basswood - exactly as intended. But all of the Enscape assets are still photorealistic in full color.

    What I would like to see are options to change the White or Polystyrol Styles to another material (like basswood...)

    I don't want to change or override materials in Enscape's editor because that would take a lot of time to do, and also to return them to their original state.


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    Thank you eeblack for your feedback and betosilva too!

    I have gladly forwarded this as a feature request to our developers - thanks a lot for taking the time to file your feedback. :)