Can I place a proxy (linked model) inside another proxy?

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  • Is it possible for SU to render a linked model inside another linked model? It seems Enscape can pull it off when you use the native Enscape assets inside a linked model, but I'm not having any luck with having my own imported assets show up.

    This would be a fantastic option because it allows me to section off a whole house into proxies for each part of the house (Living Room, Basement, etc). I use a "master" file that has the 7 proxies for each room setup. When I run them as regular geometry, it works fantastic - fast load times, great method to separate the files. But when I drop in a proxy/linked model into one of the rooms, it doesn't appear. In that case it's a proxy inside a proxy.

  • Sounds like inception.

    I wouldn't overcomplicate it by having linked models within linked models etc In different DDS tools you could get away with that but SketchUp/Enscape isn't the one.

    Your best approach is to lay out the areas that you want to reference into your model as separate models. Then link each of the models individually. Also if you're having to link that many models or assets in your probably using a bad or too dense of models that are slow your performance down. You may want to look at using re-meshing tools that lower the geo density - Transmuter works will.

    Image example - I believe you are trying to do what is shown in Red and that is overcomplicating it at least for Enscape. I could be wrong but, I would you the graph shown in black.