Animated leaves

  • Could you implement animated vertex leaf shader?

    I don't know what you use for materials but in Unity its a very simple shader:

  • I'd prefer animated vertex maps too - for leaves rather than dedicted libraries. Although animated proxies would be cool, but not sure how that happens out of sketchup.

    I would prefer not be reliant on a libraries from enscape, it will end up looking like lumion :o(

  • I think the strength of Enscape (over Lumion) is that it allows us to use our own content, and make it as we please :-) Shipped content is therefore not a big deal for me, but i would love to be able to use proxies from different file formats, and with different features! Being able to drop FBX and OBJ files directly as proxies would be awesome, and support for stuff like Speedtree with animations would be a dream :-)

  • It is on our agenda for our next release, first for Revit as it has currently the worst solution.

    We want to release it around October.

    What about Sketchup? Next next release?

  • I just want to bump this request since I believe animated leaves is essential to more realistic animations.
    It just doesn't feel alive when every plant is totally still.

    Having the option to animate the vertices on our own plants would be a great addition.

    Please, please, pleeeease!