3d Bag TU Delft

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  • https://3dbag.nl/en/viewer

    The University of Delft in the Netherlands has made this site. Can you do something with this information?

    Kurhaus te Scheveningen

    the house I was born in Westerbork

    You get the point, almost every building in the Netherlands.


    The church in Westerbork does not look like this. And there are more buildings that are somewhat distorted.

    But, can you do something with this site?

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    ronWu , thanks a lot for your message. Pardon but, I'm not entirely sure how this is related to Enscape, or are you referring to the ability to use the model presented in the online viewer in Enscape itself? If so, natively, that wouldn't be possible, but if your university could give you access to the actual 3D models, you could render those in Enscape as well after being imported into Revit.

    If I am misunderstanding something let me know though!

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    I was indeed wondering if you could somehow implement this in Enscape.

    Lumion does something like that.

    Thank you for clarifying! I have gladly forwarded this as a feature request for you. :) Something like this has not been requested before, or at least not often so it may not be something we are going to implement anytime soon. Meanwhile, we will focus on improving our Web Standalone experience to offer better performance and rendering quality, perhaps even in the meantime, this may be an alternative to the viewer linked above.