Error when clicking on visual or general settings

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  • We have a user when they click on either the visual settings or general settings, they get the attached error. If they try to click on the visual settings again, it opens but they cannot adjust anything nor can they activate the Presets menu to attempt to reset the settings. This is only happening in a particular Revit file, I had them open up the basic Revit home template and this error didn't show up.

    Does Enscape save a per project preset somewhere and is there a way to manually reset that? Outside of this issue, Enscape does actually run on the project without issues. They just can't adjust anything, so I'm leaning towards the problem is somewhere in Enscape and not in Revit. I went through the logs and there wasn't anything out of order in there either. A few high res images for textures, but that shouldn't affect clicking on the visual settings button.

  • HI VelvetElvis

    That is an odd issue indeed.

    The settings are saved on a per project basis indeed, however I'm not aware these can be reset manually in any way.

    Does re-importing the model or re-installing Enscape resolve this issue perhaps?

    If not, and for us to better understand the cause, please send in feedback via the Enscape Feedback Button.

    You can add a link to this thread in the description.

  • Sorry for the delay, but we haven't come up with a full solution just yet. If the user opens up the Revit template scene and opens up a view in there, it temporarily resets something and they are able to use Enscape in their actual Revit model. However, it appears that the issue keeps coming back and they have to use the temp solution.

    I'll work with them to submit feedback to you all with the feedback button.