Offline Asset folder locked up

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  • We had a user try to update our offline assets with new v3.0 assets (unbeknownst to him it deleted our company's offline assets in our existing server folder) and now our Offline Assets folder is locked. It won't let anyone in and is somehow set to read only. Even our system admins can't edit this folder now. It's still currently empty and has been for the last hour. We've checked network settings and as far as we can tell our network settings are fine, no restrictions on that folder. It seems somehow the process was started but can't complete and has now rendered the folder not editable in any way. In the meantime we are just making a new folder on our server but it seems like there should be a way to prevent users from overwriting a shared company server folder (aside from a warning that people don't read).

  • Hi cholden424

    I'm sorry to hear to hear about this issue.

    I advised with our developers, and unfortunately there is nothing we can do here.

    I hope that this won't occur again in the future - perhaps you can kindly advice your users beforehand to make sure to not remove the shared folder.

    However this sounds like a different process than Enscape got stuck.