New Preview Version

  • Improved sky rendering

    The sky is now rendered in full resolution so it should appear sharper than before (depending on your resolution). Also clouds are now animated during walkthrough, even when not changing the time of day.

    Update 2018-07-04

    Water on mini map

    Water surfaces are now included in the mini map.

    Update 2018-07-11

    Normalmap auto-detection

    Enscape now detects whether you are using normal maps or height maps for bump effects. This does not apply to the new material schemas in Revit 2019, in which you have to choose explicitly.

    New mouse/keyboard input

    We have rewritten most code for mouse and keyboard input to fix a few bugs in that regard. In addition, Enscape now supports switched mouse buttons for left-handers if you have it configured in Windows.

    Revit: Metal colors

    We adjusted the colors for Revit's metal materials to be more realistic.

    Update 2018-07-20

    Stability fixes

    We have fixed occasional crashes of the last Preview version on Nvidia graphics cards.

    New Grass Material Parameters & Improved Grass Rendering

    We have improved grass rendering and introduced grass material options that are now accessible in the Sketchup material editor. This allows you to control the height and variation for each grass material.

    Update 2018-07-24

    Quality & performances fixes

    We have fixed some lighting artifacts (bright spots in indirect lighting) and have reduced gpu load when Enscape is idling.

    Update 2018-08-08

    Video export performance

    We were able, to improve the video rendering performance a lot.

    Revit: Live update skips some insignificant changes

    Improved Enscape Live Update performance and frequency for Revit. Changes to detail lines, legends, annotations, the analytical model and to any view except the currently selected one will no longer trigger updates.

    Proxy server configuration

    When entering your proxy server, you have the ability to check the connection.

    ArchiCAD: Improved menu

    The menu items show a detailed tooltip in the status bar when hovering.

    Update 2018-08-22

    Various noise and flicker issues have been adressed, especially in combination with Depth-of-field. The shadow quality has been enhanced for exported imagery.

    Update 2018-08-30

    Revit: Rewritten data export

    We have rewritten our code that handles exporting data from Revit and sending it to the renderer. Our goal was to reduce code complexity and have a unified data model across all plugins. This now allows us to reuse geometry inside nested families, and in general we have seen startup performance improvements between 10% and 20%.

    Image quality and stability

    Several small improvements here, like always.

    Update 2018-09-07

    Compatibility with newest AMD drive

    Enscape now supports the 18.8.1 / 18.Q3 driver.

    Revit: Update on sync

    Enscape is now being updated automatically after a collaborative sync.

    Update 2018-09-17

    Panorama Upload

    Fixed a bug that caused the panorama upload to fail after 100 seconds.

    Update 2018-09-21

    Asset Library

    Using the asset library you can put low-poly people and vegetation into your project which are rendered by Enscape in high-poly. Some models might look familiar to Revit users - it's the same models used to replace Archvision RPC billboards.

    You access the library via the menu/toolbar/ribbon and place individual assets by clicking on the image. It's available in Revit, SketchUp and Rhino at the moment.

    Improved Depth of Field

    We have improved the rendering quality when DoF is enabled.

  • I can only seem to get the clouds to move when I change the time of day. ( ... am I missing something?

    Edit: yes - I was: the clouds position does not change: they just "roll" in place - subtle. :)

  • Beware that (unless you're rendering a video) Enscape will stop updating once you don't move the camera anymore - so currently to see the animated sky you'd have to keep moving the camera at least a bit to avoid getting into the "restmode".

  • Just a thought - can a TXT read-me file be included/displayed after install to list what updates were changed in the latest release? Just to know what to pay specific attention to and give more focused feedback when using the software.

  • Something i havent noticed, as ive not been stood still inside enscape long enough, does the time of day move in real time, and sun/moon track through the sky?

  • Hi First post here. Amazing product, keep it up!

    Is there a way to have Sketchup use the live version of Enscape but still load up preview t test? Do I have to effectively use Enscape Preview version on another version of Sketchup?

    Thanks in advance

  • IRUK It's not possible to switch between different versions of Enscape without restarting SketchUp. In case you don't want to run the Enscape installer many times, there are 2 paths you can go (both UNSUPPORTED)

    1. Install different Enscape versions into different folders. Run <install-dir>\Installer\Output\Create-Plugin-Metadata_NoAdmin.exe to switch the used Enscape version for the next SketchUp start.
    2. In case you have a little bit of coding experience: You need only 1 line of ruby code to start up Enscape. Take a look at %AppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2018\SketchUp\Plugins\enscape\loader.rb to see a lot of sanity checks and the important line beginning with "require". Call that require from within your own plugin or via command line (search for Sketchup.exe -RubyStartup), whatever suits your workflow best.
  • Avoid updating to New AMD driver 18.7.1,it messes up the lighting and shadows, glass rendering and load of other things. too much to write

    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7600K CPU @ 3.80GHz

    Gigabyte - H270M-D3H

    Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB

    MSI Radeon (TM) RX 480 Graphics 8GB GDDR5

  • Suggestion:

    Can the pop-up notification (to tell you that the new version is available for download) have some sort of toggle that will turn it off for the version it's talking about and be triggered to flag up again for the next new version? It would also be handy to actually say what version number it's talking about and look up what version you are currently running.

    (The first time I have had to revert to an older version and I'm getting annoyed by the popup, but don't want to turn it off cos I'm paranoid I'll miss the next fix where the issues are {hopefully} resolved.)

  • I was excited to read about the grass options, and then immediately disappointed it is only being rolled out to Sketchup.

    This was exactly the reason why we advocated to have (some form of) the material editor in all Enscape plugins: we don't want to miss out on extra stuff like this in Revit, Rhino etc.

    Any plans on how grass options are going to make their way into the other plugins? make their way into the other plugins?